New Telemetry Firmware Release - Rev 5.0

NSE is releasing firmware revision 5.0 for its Telemetry MS System. With this release, NSE introduces a completely reworked modem architecture.



  • New adaptive equalizer solution.  The modem will adapt to most cable and transmission medias available and the acquisition times are greatly improved.
  • More robust phase tracking that shows better performance in noisy environment when running various loads DH.
  • Closed loop tracking of the frequency differences between Topside and Downhole modem. This makes the modem system  reliable in high temperature operations.
  • Overall improved quality of transmission parameters for Topside modem and downhole modem are obtained.
  • Improved Automatic Gain Control functionality.
HT DH Modem 38mm.jpg

About NSE Telemetry MS System

The NSE Telemetry MS System is used for communication via wireline or powerline. The system consists of a topside unit and one or more downhole modems (addressing is possible).

The system has been field proven with several customers and provide reliable communication over a broad range of cables and setups. The system handles high voltage (1200V topside / 600V downhole) and can be used for ambient temperatures of up to 177degrees downhole.

Automatic gain control and adaptivity algorithms makes the system very easy to set up and handle. The systems adapts automatically to the cable, and requires no special adjustments from the user. In addition the system is very robust to noise influence and is being used in applications ranging from logging to heavy power tools.

The telemetry system operates as a transparent link between the topside user interface/applications allowing easy development of applications. There is also a status port that can be used with NSE Telemetry Management software to allow for monitoring of all vital parameters such as gain, signal quality and transmission- and error rates. This software can also be used for configuration and diagnostics of the tool, and will allow the user to log telemetry parameters during a job.

The Next Step - 100 kbit/s

NSE plans to launch a new telemetry release in Q2-2016 where the uplink speed is increased to 100kbit/s.