DH Development Kit

Part no.: NSE-6001-03

Plug & Play

The kit is delivered with topside Telemetry, and downhole DCDC and Telemetry mounted on an aluminium rack. This make it very easy for the user to test or getting started with a downhole tool.



The telemetry system provide a transparent link from topside to downhole. You can either connect the two units directly, or through a wireline or a wireline simulator. The topside telemetry unit has USB interface. No encryption is applied on the USB, so what you send in is what you get out in the other end. The output downhole is serial TTL 3.3V

NSE TS Telemetry Unit.png


The DCDC converts the input voltage that might vary a lot, to a steady 28Vdc output. This voltage is applied by the modem, but can also supply other downhole electronics. There is about 1.5Amps. available.