Telemetry System - 100 kbps

NSE is proud to announce that a new important milestone have been reached in our continuous development of wireline telemetry systems. By achieving 100kbps, the NSE Telemetry can both handle high voltage and high power requirements and at the same time provide logging data rates. This is achieved over a broad
range of wireline cable types and lenghts.

Improved adaptivity and higher speed

NSE Telemetry can deliver up to 100kbps data transmission rates and we are continously developing our system in order to provide even higher data rates in the future.

We  have support for ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) functionality so the modems will automatically select the most suitable modulation / datarates for the link based on the noise level in the receiver. This gives the ideal trade-off between capacity and robustness in noisy environments.

HT DH Modem 38mm.jpg

Going from 50 to 100kbps

The last years focus has been on improving the system’s
adaptivity and increasing the data transmission rates. The
result is as system with both high power handling capability
and high data (100kbps per Q2 2016) capacity, making it
suitable for a wide range of applications including logging

The telemetry system is supported by an extensive
status protocol and the Telemetry Manager software
that provides the user with full control of the connection
and setup of the modems.

The next step - 200kbps - Q4-2016

The development towards the next big milestone is in full force. NSE plan to release the new 200kbps system in the end of 2016. This system will be based on new hardware and the next generation firmware.

NSE TS Telemetry Unit_4-3.png