Wireline Simulator

Product no.: NSE-5014-02


This unit simulates different types and lengths of wireline cables. After performing extensive measurements of actual wireline, we have been able to replicate the complex characteristics of the tested cables.

The system is intuitive to use, and the operator can easily switch between the cable types either by using the USB interface, or by using the touch panel display on the front.


  • Max input voltage (wireline/PSU): 600Vdc
  • Max current: 1.5Amps
  • Touch display
  • USB interface for remote control
  • Default modes:
    • Cable 1 - 9.1 km - 1N32WTZ
    • Cable 2 - 7.6 km - 1N32PTZ
    • Cable 3 - 7.6 km - 1N32WTZ
    • Cable 4 - 9.1 km - 1N32PTZ
    • Cable 5 - "External cable" (terminals on the back)
    • Cable 6 - No resistance / short circuit

Custom cables may be offered if requirement differs from standard cable simulator modules.

Front panel

The Wireline simulator has only a power button and a touch panel on the front. This makes the unit very intuitive to use.

Wireline simulator_front - web_800x450_.png

Touch display

The operator can easily change what kind of cable he wants to simulate. It is also possible to connect an external physical wireline to it, and use the touch display or USB interface to select the external cable. This may be desired if you run automated tests sequences etc. It is also possible to short the cable, by selecting "Direct connection".

Cable Simulator_back_web_800x450.png


  • USB - Communication interface for remote control of the unit
  • Mains power: 110-230Vac
  • Input terminal from topside power supply
  • Output terminal to test object
  • Input and output terminal for external wireline

Comparison real wireline vs. simulator

Click on the plots below to view in full size.

1N32PTZ - 7.6 km

1N32PTZ_7.6 km_800x600.png

1N32PTZ - 9.1 km

1N32PTZ_9.1 km_800x600.png

1N32WTZ - 7.6 km

1N32WTZ_7.6 km_800x600.png

1N32WTZ - 9.1 km

1N32WTZ_9.1 km_800x600.png

Price: 58.200 NOK


How to buy

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Email: sales@nse.no