NSE had developed a control system software for a prototype power source for EMGS. The power source shall be used in EM-surveys to locate hydrocarbons below the sea floor.

The system consists of a topside and a subsea unit:

Subsea-unit (NI cRIO):
- synchrionized to GPS time
- transmit reference values to the power source
- handles status and alarms
- samples and time-stamps data (better than 5  us accuracy)
- transmit data to topisde unit

- Man-Machine-Interface
- Defines the current reference curve
- receives data and status messages from the subsea unit
- shows acquired data in real-time
- writes data to file

NSE has throughout the project shown high LabVIEW skills related to programming of real time and control systems. They have worked in a good and structured way, and shown a great ability to adapt throughout the project. NSE has also co-operated in a constructive manner towards other vendors to the project.

Håvard Ramsfjell, Senior Development Engineer, R&D