Pressure exposed

NSE has facilities for pressure testing of electronic boards. By using boards that can be exposed to both pressure and temperature has significant advantages when it comes to integration into tools. Without the need for space consuming (and expensive) atmospheric chambers, one has greater flexibility when it comes to implementation of functions and sensor interfaces.

NSE has knowledge of which components to use and what measures to take, in order to have boards operating under high pressures, and can assist our customers in meeting their targets.

Test chamber

Physcial dimensions
  • Inner diameter = 65mm
  • Innder length = 250mm
  • 17-pin Connector
  • Max pressure is 25.000 PSI (1720 BAR)
  • Max temperature is 180 deg Celsius
  • 24V supply
  • 3,3V supply
Remote controlled monitoring system
  • Temperature - RTD - 4 channels
  • Voltage (max +/-10V) - 32ch single ended or 16ch differential
  • Voltage (max +/-60V) - 8ch
  • Current - 4ch - 5 Arms (14A peak)
  • All data logged to file

Solenoid driver


Analog node

Both cards shown above can withstand temperatures of 177 degrees Celsius and 15.000 Psi at the same time.